How to Crochet – Step 1

Hello my favorite on-line humans! I'm super stoked today because I'm posting my very first tutorial video on how to crochet! And when I say stoked I also mean terrified ha-ha-ha. But seriously I'm really excited to show you how to do my favorite hobby and hope this video helps at least one person jump… Continue reading How to Crochet – Step 1


California Golden Poppy – Felt Flower DIY

I love California Golden Poppy flowers. They are so simple yet breathtakingly beautiful and are dispersed all throughout the Golden State. Golden Poppies are the state flower of California and ever since I moved here when I was 8, just the sight of them growing wild along the highway or in a field somewhere has… Continue reading California Golden Poppy – Felt Flower DIY


Pretty Pink Peony – DIY Felt Flower

Hello! Jen here doing my first diy tutorial - this one on how to make a felt peony. Hope you enjoy! 🙂 Felt flowers are so cute and a lot of fun to make! They’re also fairly easy to construct once you have all of the pieces you need. What I love about making them… Continue reading Pretty Pink Peony – DIY Felt Flower