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‘Tis the Season to Get Cuddly!

Hello my favorite Hedge and Foxers! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving like Jen and I did.  It’s finally starting to rain here (I LOVE the rain!!), and that makes me want to cuddle up in my favorite blankie, eat some chili and watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  So that’s exactly what I did with Jen and her family the other night, except we needed another blanket for the couch.  My mission was clear, make a super soft cuddly blanket ASAP and make some homemade chili!

First let’s talk about this chili I made.  I’m currently doing Weight Watchers, so I was looking for a chili recipe that was good for points and good for those who aren’t dieting.  I ran across this receipie on Pinterest, and let me tell ya…it was delicious!! So if you’re looking for some good chili check out this Zero Point Chili Receipie.

So now that you’ve got your chili cooking in your crockpot, time to make a cuddly blanket! If you’re thinking, “I wont be able to get a blanket done in 2 hours!”, well I’m here to tell you that you can!!! Let’s get started!


  • 2 yards of fleece in two different patterns (2 yards in one pattern and 2 yards in another for a total of 4 yards) – I suggest getting the “anti-pill” fleece, it’s softer and wont get those annoying little balls all over.
  • Measureing Tape
  • Sharp fabric scissors or rotary cutter and mat
  • Masking tape
  • 4×4 template

These tie fleece blankets are so easy to make and fun!  This is something you could totally do with your kids as well.

Step 1

Take each cut of fabric and trim the edges off.  Generally one side will have a white edge in writing and the other will have a slightly curled edge. One of the best things about making this blanket is nothing has to be exact, meaning don’t worry if you’re edges aren’t straight, it won’t matter in the end.

Step 2

Check your fabrics and see if there’s any difference between the sides.  The fabrics I picked below are slightly blurry on the “back” side.  Place the back sides of the fabrics together as evenly as you can.  Again, it doesn’t have to be exactly even, just as close as you can.

Step 3

Next you want to make yourself a 4”x 4” template with some cardboard or something else semi sturdy. Once your template is cut place it at the corners of your fabric and cut around the edges as shown below.

Step 4

533B62B1-FBD1-4F5D-9558-5E5E7787F9BBNext take your masking tape and stretch it along the side of the blanket from the corner of your cut edge to the other corner as shown in the photo.  Once your tape is in place start cutting strips about an inch in width and stop at the tape.  Continue cutting strips until you’ve reached the end and repeat this process around the blanket.  I eye-balled the strips, because once again…. it doesn’t really matter.  At the end of the day you won’t be able to tell if there are any imperfections.


Step 5

Now is the fun part (at least I think its fun). Start tying the bottom and top strips together. Be Sure to tie the first one tight and then tie it one more time.  Continue this around the whole blanket.

Step 6

Your yummy chili should be done, so scoop yourself some into your favorite bowl, grab your new blanket and turn on your favorite TV show and relax!


These are great for Christmas gifts and can easily be put together at the last minute for anyone who is a procrastinator like me haha!  Have fun!!


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  1. ❤️🎄Good job Katie; love the blanket idea; and the chili of course!🥣

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